Half Price Happy

My purchases
My purchases

There’s nothing that makes me happier than a price tag with an extra sticker that has an even bigger discount – there’s something about half price that makes it a bit of a bargain.

My purchases yesterday were all half price – Country Road have extra discounts on clothes, shoes and accessories and I was secretly pleased to get the biker sweat vest as I’d had my eye on it hoping it would go on sale (and that hardly ever happens when you actually WANT something), and then I picked up some jeans for the boys at half price from Next (UK brand) that Ezibuy have brought into New Zealand.

I’m a regular shopper at Country Road as the manager there is a fellow mother from school whose son shares the same name as mine (and I love a chat) and she’s a whizz at fashion for the not so small boy who isn’t yet a teenager.  ‘Mix and match’ she told me, ‘but less of the matching!’.  Wise words.

Having spent six wonderful years in London, I love being able to buy UK fashion in New Zealand, and though I’ve never actually bought anything for me at Ezibuy I have commented on others clothes and been told (surprisingly) that they were from Ezibuy.  Whilst very pleased to buy jeans for the boys that are a bit different from the limited selection we enjoy here in NZ, it was a great feeling to only pay half the original price which made them cheaper than Pumpkin Patch on offer.

My other purchases were school stationery for the boys, and whilst half price, and sometimes less, it doesn’t have quite the same appeal….nor does covering it with plastic now either.

I hope you’ve made the most of the summer sales, and enjoy those extra stickers with extra discounts as much as I do!


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