Family motto: Run your own race

Does your family have a motto? Nope, didn’t think so.  I’ve never even thought about it let alone put one into action.  But having bumped into a friend whose family has one, this year will be different.

As you do, this friend and I were chatting about our kids, the new year, and their respective schools.  We got onto the topic of competition between kids in an academic sense and she told me about her family’s motto which is: ‘Run your own race’.  Having never come across a family with a motto, it got me thinking.  I reckon it’s actually a really good idea, and particularly for my boys their family motto is very appropriate, as both of them have their own difficulties which make school learning (and life) hard.

So, this year I’m going to take her family’s motto on board for my family. We will ‘run our own race’, working hard to be the best we can be as individuals without competing with others. Because it’s our life and our race.  This won’t fit those who thrive on competition, but for us it’s perfect.


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