Review: Yoghurt Story – Hands on FroYo

Frozen Yoghurt or FroYo has FINALLY made it to the south.  A Yoghurt Story branch has opened in our hometown of Christchurch, in Northlands Mall.  There are a few other brands and branches offering FroYo in the North Island, but as far as I can see (Yoghurt Story unfortunately didn’t reply to my email, despite their website promising they would…) this is the first in the South Island.

Yoghurt Story store
Yoghurt Story store

Yoghurt Story is an eye-catching store which is an impressive feat in a mall where there is a lot of competition for your attention.  It’s bright, white and colourful.  I love their branding, their use of social media and their product concept.  Having spotted this new jewel when loaded down with the stationery shopping, I thought it would be the perfect pick-me-up for the boys at the end of their first week back at school.  I was right.  

The boys were looking forward to it all week, and instead of cranky and grumpy children on Friday afternoon, they were full of anticipation for their FroYo treat.  Having arrived at the mall they didn’t need any direction to the store, they were both immediately drawn to it and very eager to get started.  My youngest got stuck at the photo booth with different dress-ups at the entrance to the store, but my eldest was straight into it, after a bit of convincing that, yes, he could do it himself – I spend a lot of time saying ‘hands off’…


FroYo at Yoghurt Story is as easy as three steps,

1.  Choose your base – unsurprisingly my boys both chose chocolate frozen yoghurt, but the smallest one wanted a little of the original flavour to top it off.

2.  Create your masterpiece – the biggest one was in heaven at this point and after sauce he started at the fruit and worked his way down to the candy toppings, eschewing the muesli options.  The smallest one had a sensory overload and couldn’t choose a thing.  So we helped.

3.  Smile as you pay – our two tubs of frozen yoghurt and toppings were filled pretty conservatively as it’s a pay by weight system (which always makes me nervous), though I saw plenty of teenagers carefully weighing as they went to check on price, and our total came to $9.45.  I initially thought that was a lot for what we got, but on reflection, it’s the same price as coffee and fluffies for us, or two Happy Meals, so it’s pretty comparable.

We sat in the Yoghurt Story booths in the central aisle of the mall while the boys devoured their tubs of FroYo,  and declared it to be heaven – and promptly asked to do it again.

Our take on Yogurt Story Northlands Mall: it’s a great experience for the kids and a novelty treat food.  There are loads of healthy choices which is great to see, particularly if you’re wanting a FroYo yourself.  The store is visually stimulating, though it can be overwhelming if you’re a small person.  Their staff were pleasant but could have been friendlier and a little more helpful.


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