For the love of cushions

I LOVE cushions – I really, truly do.  I’m not blessed with the skills to make them, just to buy them.

Here are some of my favourites from around our home –

Top Left – the boys have brightly coloured striped bedlinen and walls.  The bedlinen and cushions are from Paterson Rose, a talented duo of women here in NZ who design and market colourful bedlinen and accessories for kids.

Top Right – the boys sofa is covered with a whole host of bright cushions in reds and blues.  Some are from Country Road, some from Bed, Bath and Table, and some recent additions (including the Owl) are from Nood.

Bottom Left – this is whole new colour way for the master bedroom, moving away from a conservative pale green, to a neutral textured duvet cover, and then vividly coloured cushions with an orange, blue and turquoise theme.  I’m pretty much happy with it, but there’s something niggling, just not sure what.  The European pillowcases are from Wallace Cotton (another NZ company), the trio of birds (just love this one) from Nood, the navy rectangular cushions with bobbles and orange colourful cushions are all from Bed, Bath and Table, as well as a turquoise throw at the end of the bed (out of shot) which pulls the whole scheme together.

Bottom Middle – mixing contemporary with traditional.  My mother had the beautiful red and blue patterned cushions made for my birthday last year (fabric from The Fabric House).  LOVE them.

Bottom Right – we spent six wonderful years living in London (where our eldest son was born) and these are some of the cushions that I brought back with us.  Rich colours, textures, and sumptuous fabrics.  They made a dark corner cosy (and detract from an ugly nightstore heater).

Cushions can be an expensive luxury, but if you keep a look out, you can find some fabulous cushions to change the feel of your room (and how you feel about it) for a fraction of the cost and effort of new furniture, paint or curtains.  If you can find them on sale, like I normally do, it’s even better.  Putting them together, and mixing and matching colours and patterns is an art; one that I’m still trying to learn.


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