Beauty Review: Budget Brilliance from Nivea


I should confess that I’ve never really been one to splash out on skincare.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve alway moisturised, just the same one for my body and my face – I can see you cringe! Now on the other side of 30, I’m a little more interested…

I read somewhere that the best anti-aging skin cream was in fact sunscreen.  With a month on holiday in the harsh NZ sun I was in need of something to use on my face daily, that wasn’t sticky, smelly sunscreen that I slather everywhere else whenever we head outside.  As I did my major pre-holiday supermarket shop, I grabbed the pot on the shelf that had the highest SPF to keep my wrinkle-free skin wrinkle-free for a few more years.  This wee pot was Nivea’s Daily Essentials – Rich Moisturising Day Cream with a mighty SPF of 30+.  I wasn’t expecting much, as it WAS from the supermarket, but I was delighted to find it was a pleasant smelling, luxurious cream that went on beautifully, and left my skin feeling plump and nourished.  And, it was a perfect base for applying makeup.  A brilliant bargain and one I’ll be sure to buy again.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Budget Brilliance from Nivea”

  1. Nivea is great, my fave product is the In-Shower Body conditioner. Use your soap/shower gel and get clean then switch off the water. Slather the body lotion all over arms, legs etc and then rinse it all off. When you’ve done this, hop out of the shower, dry off and get dressed. Lovely moisturised skin that is silky and smooth – fantastic!

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