Me time – Hair cut and colour @ Clipjoint and Co


It was one of those days where you wake up with a headache and you just can’t quite get rid of it.  And after a morning of rushing around, I was relishing the thought of my hair appointment this  afternoon.  ‘Me time’ is something I often put off, but today I (and my hair!) needed it.

I’ve been going to Clipjoint and Co for quite a few years now, ever since my sister had a recommendation and we both ended up going.  Clipjoint lost their central city salon in the earthquakes (the staff and clients were trapped inside until they were rescued) but their new salon is a funky little boutique in the hip rediscovered enclave of Addington.  There’s a fab cafe next door for a pre-appointment coffee or lunch (that’s saved for another blogpost!).

Kirsty is my second stylist (my first is now enjoying motherhood) and she is great.  We work well together as stylist and client, as well as having a good chat.  Kirsty has excellent suggestions that have taken my safe and secure style to a new level, and my colour has impact but still retains a natural look.  And to keep me looking my best, Clipjoint has complimentary fringe trims.

And after!  With the lovely Kirsty
And after! With the lovely Kirsty

So, lighter, brighter and with my structured bob back to looking it’s best, I’m off to Auckland for work tomorrow.

Clipjoint and Co, 3 Wise Street, Addington.  My stylist is Kirsty.  My hair cut cost $75 and foils cost $100.


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