Travel glamour…NOT!

Travelling for work always sounded glamorous to me, until I actually had to travel.  Then I realised it really wasn’t. Early flights, airports, waiting, taxis, windowless over-air-conditioned rooms, carb-rich foods, more taxis, another airport, more waiting, and a late flight home.  Not. Glamorous.

Today I travelled to Auckland for work, but despite being un-glamorous, I must confess I actually enjoyed not having two small boys in tow.  While I waited I sat in peace, read with no interruptions on the plane and spent the day with adults in a learning environment.  These particular adults are all teaching a course on Small Business Management and they are all small business owners themselves and it was fascinating chatting to them during breaks.  There were fashion designers, a B&B proprietor, a property finder, an artist, and one person ran a research station for dolphins (I think..).  Really interesting creative people.  Not a bad way to spend a day.

The travel itself made me realise it’s been a long time since I did it with any regularity, and when I did it was from London – the other side of the world from New Zealand.  The most exotic travel I do these days is on a gravel road up into the back of beyond.  We have a swish new airport here in Christchurch which was long overdue.  We are a small city, but have a lot of international visitors, and now have a gateway to impress – we even have air bridges with floor to ceiling images of sheep farms complete with the sounds of sheep baa-ing – I kid you not!  But, it would appear that boarding passes are passé – text messages are the quickest way through the gate, and while I pulled out my book, everyone else pulled out their kindle.  Times change fast and I’m feeling slightly left behind.

Travel wardrobe: I wore a black Country Road dress I bought online and has been a favourite item this summer – light, flattering and super comfortable it was perfect for today, and I wore for warmth my new merino-silk boxy cardigan, also from Country Road.  The silk with the merino makes it incredibly soft and beautiful to wear.  I was going to include a photo of my outfit, but as I didn’t do the clothes much justice, and haven’t mastered the skinny-pouting look, you’ll just have to use your imagination and take my word for it.

Have a great weekend and if celebrating Valentines is your thing, have a great night, and if not – don’t forget to say those three little words to your nearest and dearest.


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