Still broken…

Today dad and I took the boys to the opening of an exhibition in the new ArtBox gallery (blog post to follow) here in Christchurch.   And for some reason, today the destruction of our city hit me all over again.

Perhaps I was so caught up in the anticipation of seeing actual art inside an actual building (albeit converted shipping containers), that I must have overlooked its location in the middle of what was our city.  The impact of the loss was more than it has been for a while as it struck me yet again that our central city, with all its beautiful old buildings REALLY is destroyed.

Next weekend it will be three long years since the most destructive of the earthquakes hit.  Daily life for me is suburban, and that’s intentional.

My eldest son says it makes him feel sick to  be in the city.  Most of the buildings have gone, but the ones that are left are horrendous to see.  He’s right, it does make you feel sick.  A sober journey to a colourful and stimulating exhibition in the heart of a still broken city.


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