Sometimes it’s meant to be

photo 2-48

Sometimes it’s meant to be.  Like today, while waiting for my mother in the changing rooms, this dress caught my eye.  It was the only one like it on a rack full of clothes, which was about to be sent away as they were odd sizes, but that particular dress was my (not so odd) size.

photo 1-47

Mum and I were in Ezibuy, not a shop we usually frequent, but my mother was in need of clothes for a conference, and I had been sent their catalogue (which mum had liked) after purchasing jeans for the boys from NEXT (the UK brand they stock), which I wrote about in the blogpost Half Price Happy.

I’ve been wanting to have a few more dresses in my wardrobe as they can be flattering IF you get the right one.  This dress was the right one for me – gorgeous pattern, fitted like a glove, right length, and it makes an impact in just the right way.  But, the best thing was the price $69.99 and that was the full price.  I would have expected to have seen a ‘1’ in front of the $69.99, and would still have thought it a good buy.

Sometimes it’s meant to be, and this dress was meant to be mine.


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