Whittakers – Chocolate heaven

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I’ve always loved chocolate, any time, anywhere, and it’s particularly best in the morning.  Some people are lollie fans, some are potato chip fans, but it’s always been chocolate for me.

After the scandal when Cadburys reduced the size of their blocks, increased their prices and then used palm oil instead of cocoa butter in their chocolate, I decided the time was right to try out their competitor, Whittaker’s.  Peanut Slabs had been a favourite of my husbands for years, but I’d never really tried their blocks of chocolate.  So, when Whittaker’s sent us a parcel of six of their new flavours (L&P, Berry & Biscuit, Milk Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Hokey Pokey and Fair Trade Creamy Milk), the boys and I were in chocolate heaven.

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Whittaker’s have been a family owned and operated business since the 1890s and it’s still made right here in New Zealand, Porirua to be precise.  There’s no palm oil in their chocolate and they have fair trade cocoa beans, butter and sugar in their 33% Creamy Milk Block and 72% Dark Ghana Block from Ghana and Costa Rica.  Have a look at their rather cool website here and you can see where most of their other ingredients come from, and which countries you can buy Whittaker’s chocolate in.

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The boys and I enlisted the help of our neighbours and set about doing it in a scientific manner, tasting each flavour one after the other.  The results I found rather interesting – there wasn’t a clear winner.  We all liked different flavours.  The little boys liked the L&P ‘popping’ chocolate the best, followed by the Berry and Biscuit (MUCH better than Cadburys as it doesn’t stick in your teeth), Mr Newly 18 also liked the L&P flavour and confessed to having eaten an entire block single handedly in one sitting.  Mr 16 liked the traditional 33% Creamy Milk, and Mrs Neighbour’s favourite was the Hokey Pokey.  My father liked the Milk Strawberry, and I had two favourites – Peanut Butter and Milk Strawberry.  I’m not a peanut butter out of the jar fan, but I REALLY liked it in a chocolate.  I knew I was going to love the Milk Strawberry as in a box of chocolates, they’re the ones I search for.  I found the L&P ‘popping’ chocolate disconcerting, but the kids demolished it.  I do however LOVE that they’ve combined an iconic kiwi drink with a chocolate – how fab is that!

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Our take on Whittaker’s chocolate: We all agreed that Whittaker’s was by far the richer, creamier, tastier chocolate, and we all loved eating chocolate just for pure enjoyment.  There are so many different flavours to choose from and with each of us preferring a different flavour, I wonder which is your favourite Whittaker’s flavour?


2 thoughts on “Whittakers – Chocolate heaven”

  1. My sister in chocolate! I switched to Whittakers after the Cadbury debacle too, never looked back. I love Macadamia chocolate, but I’m partial to most others! Good review, how do you get sent chocolate?!

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