Great Read: The Keeper of Secrets by Julie Thomas


“A priceless violin.  A family torn apart.  A decision that could change everything.”

The book that I loved most of all from my summer reading was this one, ‘The Keeper of Secrets’ by Julie Thomas.  I couldn’t put it down, and I know that’s such a cliche, but I was genuinely completely absorbed by it’s gripping story.

This is the beautifully written book that almost never was as seven publishing houses didn’t want to take a chance on Julie Thomas.  Determined to see her work published, she published it herself through Amazon Kindle and then through the Smashwords website, until it took off and HarperCollins New York got in touch, interested in publishing her book. Julie Thomas is New Zealander, a full-time writer and producer for television and film, who wrote ‘The Keeper of Secret’s over seven years.

‘The Keeper of Secrets’ is a meticulously researched novel spanning three generations from pre-war Berlin to the present day.  It’s tells the story of a priceless 1742 Guarneri del Gesu violin which is stolen from a Jewish family by the Nazis.  The story follows the violin through three main characters who love it.  Simon, whose family it was stolen from, his grandson Daniel, an aspiring violin virtuoso, and in between to Sergei in Stalinist Russia.  It is poignant, gripping, heartwarming, and despite being holocaust fiction, it left me feeling uplifted. 

Read more about ‘The Keeper of Secrets’ by clicking on one of the links below.  I bought mine from Whitcoulls for $19.99.  It’s also available from and and of course kindle editions (though mine was an actual book).

NZ Herald review by Nicky Pellegrino (a favourite author of mine)

The Keeper of Secrets at

The Keeper of Secrets at

Listen to the Radio New Zealand review here


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