Beauty Review: Eco Store Lip Balm


I’ve always admired Eco Store products on the shelves in the supermarket – attractive monochromatic packaging and an ethos and story behind the brand that really appealed.  But, having trialled their lip balm this week, I was left disappointed.

Eco Store began in 1993 by husband and wife duo Malcolm and Melanie Rand in the basement of their house in an eco-village here in NZ.  They were concerned that despite using sustainable and organic gardening methods on their property, they were still being exposed to chemicals in their cleaning and body-care products.  This heralded the birth of Eco Store.  Twenty years later they now have fifty cleaning and body care products on the market.  Their lip balm was the first of their products I have tried.

I use lip balm twice a day every day, after brushing my teeth, and I’ve always used trusty Chapstick.  But succumbing to the packaging and natural ingredients, I bought the Eco Store Beeswax Lip Balm.  It has a plant-based intensive moisturiser, with sweet almond oil which claims to sooth and protect dry lips.  Well, it didn’t.  It smelt and tasted nice, slightly beeswaxy but not too much (which had been my initial concern).  The problem is, it stays on the lips and doesn’t really seem to absorb effectively, which meant that I needed another good application in the early hours of the morning as my lips were dry.

My take on Eco Store Lip Balm: Disappointing.  I liked the smell and the natural ingredients, but it just didn’t deliver on moisture or protection for long enough.  I’m going back to dependable Chapstick.


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