Wool with sex appeal – the ultimate underwear

Brilliant singlet packaging
Brilliant singlet packaging

Wool with sex appeal – just in case you’re wondering, I’m talking about my new and fabulous woollen singlet!  I’ve long been a fan of Icebreaker and have several of their outer layers or jackets as we lay people call them, in varying weights (that’s warmth for lay people), but this is the first time I’ve bought their underwear.

We’re in the middle of the notoriously unpredictable autumnal weather here in the southern hemisphere and whilst the afternoons can be blissfully warm, the mornings are decidedly chilly.  I’ve been donning my Icebreaker Siren Cami (with adjustable shoestring straps) underneath my tops and have been insulated very nicely from the cold, yet in the heat of the afternoon I’m not too hot.  This is the natural brilliance of wool.

The singlet itself is super fine, moves with my body unlike my cotton versions, and is the perfect length to tuck into shorts and trousers and not spend my time tugging and tucking it back in.  It’s lovely and soft, machine washable and comes in super cool packaging.  I bought a white one and I’ll be going back for another in black.

My take on Icebreaker’s Siren Cami: Perfect merino underwear that keeps you warm in the cool and cool in the heat, looks and feels fab.  Brilliant product.

Brilliance in underwear
Brilliance in underwear

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