Review: Nude Yoghurt



When the PR at Piako said she’d send me a natural unsweetened yoghurt I must admit I groaned – it’s not exactly fodder for superlatives or a taste sensation I thought.

Foodie friend was far more excited “But it’s so much more versatile!” She exclaimed and happily took a pottle home. The next day she was raving, “Its sooo creamy!”

I dug into my pottle and I have to admit she’s right. Piako Nude yoghurt, commonly known as Greek style yoghurt is actually really very nice.  It’s naturally higher in protein and lower in fat so it’s a good healthy option.  It’s a far better alternative taste wise than lite vanilla tub yoghurt which has been my standard supermarket purchase. I’ve had my pottle with fruit (particularly nice with pears), maple syrup, brownie and just scooped from the pottle when I’m peckish.

Foodie friend however has far more interesting suggestions for using a pottle of Piako Nude yoghurt;

  • Make Tzatiki – add mint, cucumber, garlic and lemon juice, then dip crudités or bread
  • Use it plain with a Caesar salad
  • Ideal with with fruit compotes, crumbles or pies for dessert
  • Use as a replacement for cream in many recipes
  • Drizzle with honey and eat with fresh fruit
  • Try it in Annabel Langbein’s Lemon and Ginger Ice-cream

Our take on Piako Nude yoghurt: This is our go to alternative to cream or vanilla yoghurt. Thick and creamy it has a wonderful texture and is spot on in terms of flavour, spanning the sweet and tart line beautifully.

If you’d like to see my Foodie friend in action check out one of her cooking classes.

Yoghurt was supplied by Piako but all views are completely my own.

Late night treat - bananas, maple syrup and Nude...
Late night treat – bananas, maple syrup and Nude…

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