7 Fun links

These have been keeping us entertained in our house….

We don’t have Evian water here – our local tap water is fantastic tasting, but it was my preferred water to drink when we lived in the UK.  Can’t imagine buying water now, or even having a preferred taste!

Something else we don’t get here is Britain’s Got Talent – here’s a surprising group…

We’ve been watching Frozen today as it’s just been released on DVD and we missed at the cinema.  Here’s that song…

And just cause every time I hear this song my toes tap and I smile…

And I’ll be making these two ingredient pancakes over the holidays…..

25 April here in New Zealand is ANZAC Day, the day we remember those who have fought.  Here’s where to find your local dawn service

And these are my all time favourite ANZAC biscuits from Annabel Langbein that I make all year round.



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