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Review: Camelbak Water Bottle



As you know I can be pretty picky about some things, and one of those things is water bottles, another is hot chocolate, but that’s a previous blog post!

I’ve now decided that they fall into different categories.  Car bottle – must fit into the drinks holder in my car, and be easy to use one handed (for obvious reasons) – I use a Tupperware one with a slim body and a flip up lid.  Bike bottle – must be able to be used one handed without stopping (a hydration pack would be a good idea…).  I use the one the bike shop gave me when I purchased my bike and it works just fine, but I worry about the dust all over the mouthpiece.  But, my general take everywhere with me, use at home, and especially walking on the hills water bottle has been been hard to find.

I’ve tried the throw away ones from the supermarket – not good.  I tried the Tupperware one – not big enough.  I tried various Kathmandu bottles – a really annoying little bit keeps falling inside and there’s a top you have to screw off and then hold making it way too fiddly.

In Bivouac recently I spied a new range of Camelbak bottles.  The over enthusiastic sales assistant was so eager to tell me all about them, and there was a discount, AND I really liked the vibrant colours, though that’s not really a good enough reason to buy a drink bottle…  I left with a purple one with orange trim.

The Camelbak Chute has turned out to be the best bottle I’ve had so far.  Great 750ml capacity with handy measurements on the side (for those of us tracking our fluid intake), nifty bottle top that screws off easily and then slots (with a bit of practice) into the lid so it doesn’t get lost or bobble about in your face.  The spout is just right, not too big and not too small.  Funny how the lid and the spout have become something I look for.  No tubes to clean, and the main lid screws off for general cleaning.

So there you have it, the closest so far to the perfect water bottle.  Dad went and got one the next week, in another lovely vibrant colour.

By the way, we’ve been asked if we’re sponsored as we have a fair bit of gear that’s the same.  The second time it happened we worked out a story – we’re in a multi-generation adventure racing team.  The third person who asked (almost) believed us, but we couldn’t keep our faces straight for long enough!

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