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7 Fun links

These have been keeping us entertained in our house….

We don’t have Evian water here – our local tap water is fantastic tasting, but it was my preferred water to drink when we lived in the UK.  Can’t imagine buying water now, or even having a preferred taste!

Something else we don’t get here is Britain’s Got Talent – here’s a surprising group…

We’ve been watching Frozen today as it’s just been released on DVD and we missed at the cinema.  Here’s that song…

And just cause every time I hear this song my toes tap and I smile…

And I’ll be making these two ingredient pancakes over the holidays…..

25 April here in New Zealand is ANZAC Day, the day we remember those who have fought.  Here’s where to find your local dawn service

And these are my all time favourite ANZAC biscuits from Annabel Langbein that I make all year round.



British accents and Superhero kid – two fun videos

Have you seen these two videos?  They’re fun to watch, one more for adults and the other for adults and kids alike

We lived in London for six years and I loved the melting pot of culture and accents.  It amazed me that in a small country there was such a diverse range of accents, and languages.  Here in New Zealand we generally sound the same,  there are about three regional twangs but nothing like the UK.  This video is by dialect coach Andrew Jack – Enjoy!



This is like looking inside a child’s imagination – my two boys were impressed.

Links for the weekend

Here are some things that I’ve had my eye on this week…

1.  How great would this apple cushion (on my Pinterest profile) look?  Buy it from Country Road, in-store only

2.  Zara is finally here in NZ!  Online only through with a flat $4.99 for shipping or free for orders over $100

3.  Feeling the autumn chill?  Here’s three ways to tie a scarf (Cup of Jo)

4.  Need a DVD for the weekend? Try Blue Jasmine, the latest Woody Allen film with Cate Blanchett (who won the Oscar for Best Actress this week).  Stunning performance from her, but be warned, it’s not a happy story.

5.  Cooler weather calls for “Wool with sex appeal” and time to wear Merino against your skin – I got my Icebreaker from Bivouac who have 15-30% off Icebreaker at the moment


6.  I’m on the hunt for boyfriend jeans this weekend, these are some I’m going to try at Just Jeans. I really like casual clothes for the weekend, and something a bit smarter for the week.

7.  The weather looks damp and dreary for the weekend, and after a bit too much fun last weekend, and one son with a cold, and mine setting in, I think we might head to the movies as we STILL haven’t seen Frozen.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?

8.  I’m thinking about boots for winter and like the look of these Emu boots stocked at Issimo here in Christchurch, not sure if I’ll actually buy them as I like the look of these orange boots too….from Briarwood on sale, and then these would be more practical.  Funky or practical or colourful…??  What would you choose?

Whatever you’re up to – have a great weekend!